Working from home. Being your own boss, what is it really like?

Hi Guys,


I work from home and have done for around 3 years now.

You really do forget what its like to do anything different to be honest.

Its so flexible, you don’t feel any pressure and if things that are more important than work crop up (like family) you can just drop everything and do that.

You do have to be disciplined however and as a self employed person I quickly realised that you do actually have to employ yourself which is probably the most difficult part when you first start.

What I think is the best thing about working for yourself and from home is that you get to set your own goals and targets and not just what your boss has given you or told you. I have so many goals, income, business level and even not business related that my business will fund.

Its so exciting. A lot of people (well most people) moan about their jobs and what they are told to do, taking on more responsibility for no pay rises usually.

The great thing about what I do is the more you do the more you earn!

This is available to anyone too, there are so many great opportunities out there don’t be stuck in a rut hating what you do dreaming about retirement!

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Any questions let me know!

Amy xx




Hi guys,


Over the last probably 5 months I have been eating a lot healthier.

I gave up sugar (when I say sugar I mean bad artificial sugar like chocolate, sweets and cakes. I still ate fruit) for 21 days to break the habit and started eating lots of vegetables, fruit and salad as well as going to the gym 5-6 times a week.

I soon went back to my old ways and eating chocolate again & that’s when it all went down hill!!

I am completely addicted!

But I have decided to do it again and go 21 days without sugar at all (only natural sugar from fruit)

Giving up something for 21 days completely really does help, its so hard at first but when you have done a few days you keep telling yourself that you can make it to 21. As they say it takes 21 days of consistency to make or break a habit.

It really does work its just hard not to dip into your old ways but I had lost 9lbs from my healthier lifestyle and now I’m pretty sure I have put it all back on!

I have just been looking at the health impacts eating sugar does to you which you see things like obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, empty calories, depression, it ages your skin, kidney damage, headaches and loads more!

After looking at this it has scared me but I do believe it is a drug and I will be getting off it! and that’s means I will be back to a thinner self too which is always a bonus!

Let me know your thoughts

Amy xx

May is a exciting month!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

Been so busy the last couple of months so here is a catch up!

  • Its been my birthday!!  (22) Getting scared now how quick time is going!! Where has the last year gone!

Had a weekend of celebrations! Went for a lovely Indian with my boyfriend on the Friday night, Had my hair done with a new colour on Saturday, Sheffield with the girls on Saturday night for a meal and then clubs and dinner at my mom and dads on Sunday night.

  • We have almost been in our house for a year too!

I can not believe just how fast this has gone! feels like we have been here forever though – in a good way! Cant imagine living with my parents again lol

  • My online shop is now up and running too and it looks great!! Check it out and let me know what you think here

I struggle with marketing this to be honest its a great way to earn more money from home but I am not very clued up when it comes to internet marketing, even though I did do a course last year! lol Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Going to Beauty UK on Sunday!!

I cant actually believe I haven’t been before, but Sunday at 10am I will be really excited and spending lots no doubt on lots of pretty things! 🙂

  • The company I work with is now 91!!! and its the showcase on Saturday

I’m so excited about this as our company takes the distributors abroad and this conference we find out where we are going!! All we know is its in Europe! 🙂

Here is a few pics 🙂

Talk soon, Amy xx




How to aviod tired eyes


I know of a lot of women who have just had children and struggling to get some sleep, asking me how to I get rid of my dark circles??

We all know the benefits of a good night sleep, but what do you do when you just cant get one?

Tired eyes can make you feel bad too either having ‘bags’ under the eyes or dark circles.

We have all heard to use cucumber slices as this ‘cools’ the eyes I’m afraid I’m going to tell you that this does nothing other than make your eyes cold for a little while.

The best thing to actually use is tea bags! Yes I said tea bags.

When you next make yourself a cuppa keep the bag and put it in the fridge. When its nice and cold and the little one has gone for a nap take this as your time to relax too! Just pop one on each eye and enjoy all the benefits.

The tea actually draws out the darkness in your eyes and if you do this regularly you will see a noticeable difference very quickly.

Try this everyday for a couple of weeks and let me know what you think.

Obviously the most important thing is to try your very best to get at least 6 hours a night.

Of course and my favourite beauty tip works here too and will work wonders on your tired puffy eyes and that’s drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, again try this for just a week and you will notice a massive difference in your skin, eyes, hair and nails.

Let me know your thoughts, Amy xx


Winter isnt kind on our skin

I know I cant be the only one who struggles with keeping soft skin in the winter months.

The wind especially doesn’t help as well as the seriously cold and wet weather.

My tips to keeping your skin from flaking and getting sore are:

1. Drink plenty of water.

I know this sounds obvious but I believe that 90% off all the skin issues we have would disappear by just drinking 3 litres of water every day. It really is magic stuff. Try it for 30 days, just 30 days of drinking 3 litres of water a day that’s 1/2 a litre before breakfast, 1/2 a litre in-between breakfast and lunch, 1/2 a litre with lunch, 1/2 in-between lunch and tea, 1/2 with tea, 1/2 before bed. Get into that habit and you will notice the difference I promise!

2. Make sure you are using the right skin care

There are lots of products out there and they are all for different skin types. You need to find the one that is right for YOU. Now I don’t mean try it for 1 day and think no not this one and try another. It takes a month for your skin to get used to a change so I recommended that you try it for that long before making up your mind unless you have any irritation, if you do then discard straight away.

3. Treat sensitivity first.

You may not think that you have sensitive skin but if you have any redness on your face this mean you have some sensitive areas. That maybe just slightly more sensitive that other areas. You must treat this first always! So make sure your skin care products are ok to use on sensitive skin any that say ‘for all skin types’ AVIOD as you cant have a one for all bottle when it comes to skin care. Stay clear of any products with perfume and lanolin in as these ingredients will only make it worse

4. Change your products in the winter/summer months

In the winter you will need a thicker cream on your face to protect your skin against the environment and in the summer you will want a much lighter cream so keep to the same brand but use a lighter and more heavy creams when needed. Make sure you have a day cream with SPF even in the winter

5. Cleanse, tone, moistures, exfoliate, face mask

I know this sounds like a right hassle and who has time but I promise its not that hard to get into a routine. So you should cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily then exfoliate and use a face mask once a week simple. Maybe add this as part of your Sunday relaxing time. Also try and stick to the same brand for all as they work better together to get enhanced results.

These tips should help your skin stay beautiful through all the cold, wind, rain, snow and central heating we just cant avoid this time of year. Take care of your self and feel so much better! 🙂 xx

Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner!

It is so important to make sure you look perfect!

But you don’t want to spend a fortune so here are my tips!

1. For perfect skin

Drink 3 litres of water every day for a flawless complexion.

2. Nails

Match your nails to your out fit and make sure your toes match too! (it’s not a good look to have pink toes and brown hands)

Nail overlays are perfect as they wont chip, smudge and will last far past Valentines day.


3. Tan

I really struggle with tan as I’m allergic to most things and red and patchy isn’t a good look! So I have found a great one. (Click on the picture to see the benefits)

The most important thing is to apply it well for a perfect bronzed look.

  • Don’t apply within 1 hour of getting out  the shower or bath (water on the skin, even if you cant see it reacts with tan which give you the orange tinge)
  • Exfoliate  before hand – body brushes are the best!
  • Moisturise the dry patches before applying
  • Use a disposable glove underneath a tanning mitt
  • Apply 2 days before you go out (always looks best after 2 showers)


4. Feel great in your new dress

Eat clean giving your body all the nutrients that it needs which will make your stomach flat and will reflect in your skin, hair and nails too!

5. Remove unwanted hair

Waxing is the best thing to do for unwanted hair. Having it done regularly is best as it will become thinner and thinner eventually not coming back at all as a result it hurts less each time too!

Massive tip!! NEVER use hair removal cream!!! Its the worst thing to put on your skin. It thins your skin and makes it very sensitive. So STAY AWAY!!

Let me know what you think of these ideas…

Amy xx

Recruiting now  18+

Nail Varnish Remover


As you know its so annoying putting on a great dark or glittery colour on your nails and then stuck for ages trying to get it off!

I have tried loads of varnish removers and now I have stuck to one that I have found works amazingly!

Even better its a own brand and is really cheap! I’ve just brought 2 on offer. Buy 1 get one half price!

Its the superdrug own acetone free nail varnish remover. At £1.39!!

nail varnish remover

As I say I have tried loads and not been happy, tried them from the wholesalers and the more expensive stuff too and this is by far the best.

You are always best getting acetone free as its a lot less harsh on your nails but this still removes that hard to get off glitter too!

Just soak a cotton pad in the remover and hold over the nail for a couple of seconds before you wipe down the nail plate and a couple of rubs and its off!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Amy xx